Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week of Gratitude - Post #2

So, let's be real for a minute.  Do you know what is really bad when you're kind of an inconsistent blogger?  Deciding spontaneously to do a week-long series and only sketching out the most basic of drafts for each post fully intending on finishing them all in time to publish on their respective days. Because if you've been in the habit of letting life get in the way of your blog, that will probably continue to happen.  

So I'm combining a couple of post themes since I've missed like 3 days in a row. Oops. 

Two things I'm thankful for that go hand to hand are forgiveness and love. Without one, I don't think it is possible to have the other. It is only when we choose to forgive someone that we can really show them love.  

So yes, I am very thankful for the forgiveness and love I've been shown as well as the ability to forgive and love others.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Seven Days of Gratitude - Day 1

I've decided to do a little week-long series leading up to Thanksgiving on gratitude.  There is so much negativity and sad news in the world at large right now that I think it will help me to reflect on the positive parts of life.

No posts about gratitude would be complete without mentioning my wonderful family.  I am truly grateful for them.

From my wonderful parents who are such a help with our boys (watching them two days a week while we both work) and who do so many other things for us to my sweet babies - I have a wonderful, strong family unit.

Our extended family is spread over the globe so I don't get to see them as much as I would like, but each one is so special to me.

I believe that family is one of the greatest gifts God gives us, and how we deal with our family is one of our greatest responsibilities to God.  Strong families make strong communities. My family is such a blessing.  

Speaking of family blessings, Nathaniel occasionally sleeps through the night now.  That might be the biggest blessing of all. (I kid.... I kid.)

Monday, November 2, 2015


Linking up with Becky from Choosing Happy for this week's Currently link-up!

Currently I'm...

Loving this weather!  November 2nd and 70 degrees? Yes please and thank you.

Enjoying Christmas music! Now that it is November, I feel that I can enjoy my Christmas music and movies with no shame.

Sewing Ha! Yeah, no.

Watching the clock go by as the person I am supposed to be interviewing right now is 33 minutes late. Seriously?  It's a job interview. You show up on time or early. Not (at least) 33 minutes late. Ugh.

Craving a day to lay on the couch and watch Netflix. I was supposed to have Friday off, but it was so busy at work that I had to cancel it.  I need a down day desperately.

Welcoming all things holiday - Thanksgiving decorations are up, Christmas preparations are starting, and it's my favorite time of the year!