Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Nathaniel's Birthday Party - Under the Sea

For Nathaniel's first birthday party, we tossed around a variety of party themes.  I personally wanted to do a Baby Einstein theme since the boys have those DVDs and toys.  I even found a lot of cute ideas on Pinterest (of course) for Baby Einstein party ideas.

John wasn't thrilled with the idea.  He wanted to do something with dinosaurs.  This was an idea we had been tossing around since Jeremiah's first birthday!  But I no longer loved the idea for my baby. So we continued to toss around ideas.  Daniel Tiger was considered, but Jeremiah was more into that than Nathaniel since Nathaniel wasn't really allowed to watch tv.

Finally, we decided on "Under the Sea."  A benefit to having Nathaniel in the summer than in the winter like Jeremiah is that we had more flexibility with the party.  We could have some indoor activities, some outdoor activities, and (most importantly to me!) John could cook a lot of the food on the grill. In other important facts, I was able to find an adorable romper for him to wear that went along with the the theme.

We had about 20 people there, and Nathaniel got way more toys than he needed. :)  The food was good, I liked the decorations, and of course there was cake! Overall, it was great to just hang out and have fun with our friends and loved ones!

Happy big brother
Nathaniel and his fiance'

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