Monday, July 20, 2015


In the first 30ish years of my life, I can count on one hand the number of drawings I won.  Actually, I could count on 0 hands.  I never had luck when it comes to those things.

My husband, on the other hand, seems to win everything. Everything. Like, he goes into drawings expecting to win. And not because he's overly optimistic-  because he usually does! Since we've been married, we've won through random drawing Lions' tickets, Kenny Chesney tickets, and now a new grill.

Pretty, isn't it?
The story behind it is kind of cool.  We were going to go to the gym last Wednesday. They were having  a member appreciation event and one of the offers was reduced personal training sessions. The big hook was the grill giveaway.  But, yeah, I wasn't going to go for that. Because honestly? I never win anything. So why bother?  But discounted personal training was something I could use.  I get home from daycare with the boys, and after a really long day, I did not want to go work out.  I tried convincing my husband that we shouldn't go. I told him I didn't think Nathaniel was feeling 100%.

He was unconvinced. "Let's go!" he said. "Even for just a few minutes!" he encouraged.  So off we went.

After dropping the boys off in child care, we went and a helpful gym employee had us spin the wheel for tickets to win the grill that we were not going to win.  You could win anything from 1-20 tickets.  We both got 1.  She said "But maybe that'll be the ticket!"  Okay, sure.  Whatever you say.

We went and bought a few training sessions each to help us get into the routine of working out again, and we ended up getting more tickets for that! At this point, I was thinking "Hey, we have some tickets. Maybe we'll win a t-shirt or something else I don't really want or need!"

First drawing was for the grill. We didn't even get off the elliptical! I was like "Eh, I can kind of read these numbers while working out."

SURPRISE! We won!  I hopped off the elliptical and we ran over to where they were announcing the winners!  We now have a brand new beautiful grill!

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