Sunday, July 5, 2015

Nathaniel's 11 Month Stats

My sweet baby is less than a month away from his first birthday! How is this possible?

He wanted to play with his sticker!
He has no shortage of personality, that is for sure!  He laughs so easily. If he hears you cheering, he immediately starts clapping.

He is just under 20 pounds, which is just around the 30th percentile.  He's growing!  He is still mainly in 3-6 clothes, but some 9 months clothes too.

He loves playing with his brother and they make each other laugh a lot.  He loves to eat, and will yell if he is not fed quickly enough.  He loves being around people and getting attention. He's such a social butterfly.

He's been having a rough time with sleep again this month. Hopefully, it will improve soon.  He has his same two teeth - he appears to be working on more, but not yet!

He crawls all over the place and is walking along furniture.  He is always on the go!  This is leading to some bumps and bruises.

He got to meet his aunt, uncle, and cousins from Singapore this last month!  This was very exciting. He hasn't met many relatives yet (none from his dad's side) so it's always nice to have visitors. He loved being with them!

I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you, my little guy!

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