Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jeremiah is 2 1/2!

This sweet boy is 2 1/2 years old!

`Words cannot describe how much I love this boy or how blessed I am to watch him grow up.  His personality knows no bounds.  He laughs easily and often.  He loves his baby brother.
 He knows his own mind. He is very strong willed. But that's okay. He's not a pushover. He is confident in his opinions. Yes, it can be a challenge to rein that in, but that's who he is. And I know that this will be an asset to him in life. Backbone is important, and he definitely has it! 

He feels all the feels.  He lets you know exactly how he is feeling at different times - or all at the same time!

He loves playing with his brother, being with his friends at daycare, watching Daniel Tiger and Frozen over and over, and being with his grandma and grandpa.  He loves playing outside, going for walks, and anything resembling a slide. His favorite books are "Mr. Brown can Moo," his picture dictionary, and his Daniel Tiger book.

He can be quite the chatterbox.  It's so fun listening to his language develop and start talking in more and more sentences.  I understand him better than the general public. But his speech gets a little clearer all the time. 

He loves animals, sleeping in the Big Bed with Mommy and Daddy, fruit snacks, pouches, and anything with wheels.  He gives great hugs and kisses. 

He is energetic, sweet, handsome, and one of my very favorite people. :)


  1. Love this boy! He's also one of my favourite people. And I think I can understand him better than the general public too. Maybe just below you. Hee. Love you.

    1. He loves his "Aunt Dee-yah" too! :)