Friday, July 31, 2015

Family Time

In June, we were so fortunate to have my brother, sister in law, and their three children visit.  As I've mentioned, they live in Singapore, so there aren't any weekend trips feasible! 

Last time we saw them, my niece Anna was 6 weeks old. She is now 18 months. It was so fun getting to know her.  And the boys - Caleb and Evan - are 8 and 6, such fun ages.

From sleepovers to Star Wars, from miniature golf to rockets, we all enjoyed our family time!

We also did family pictures at the park where we did our wedding pictures and other family pictures.

It was our first time with the "whole" family as Nathaniel wasn't born last time we saw them!

As always, it was very sad when they left in early July, but it can't take away the memories we made!

Silly faces!

Grandparents with their grandchildren. Happy bunch!

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