Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nathaniel is 8 Months Old!

I'm getting really bad about posting these in a timely manner. I take the pictures, but then actually getting them from the camera to the blog is put off.  The main reason is that if the boys are awake, they try to "help" me.  They are not helpful.

I cannot begin to express how much joy this sweet little angel brings me on a daily basis.  He is the epitome of sweet.  He loves to cuddle, be held, and lights up the room with his smile on a near constant basis.
He was sick a lot of this month, and actually lost weight. He had been up to 17 pounds, but right around his 7 month birthday, he dropped to 15.5 pounds.  I think he's back to about 17 now though! He's still small, The other day, I had him in a 0-3 outfit.  For comparison, Jeremiah was in an 18 month outfit at this age. :)

He still can wear size 2 diapers as well, but we're starting to put him in size 3s.  At least he's getting a lot more use out of his clothes than Jeremiah did! :)

He is also starting to do better with eating now.  He eats solids about once a day, and he's starting to eat finger foods like puffs and Cheerios as well.

He is starting to experience more separation anxiety.  It makes it a little challenging to do things because sometimes if he can't see me, he freaks out crying.  But it's just because he loves us and wants to be near us. 

I'm hoping that his sleep will improve some. He has been waking up 2-3 times most nights.  He starts the night in his crib but then when he wakes up, we move him to the Rock and Play in our room. Occasionally he sleeps with us, but not often. We already have Jeremiah in our bed. We can't crowd it too much!

He is starting to push up just a little in preparation for crawling!  I'm also hopeful that he will soon rollover!

Some of his likes are: laughing at his big brother's antics, bouncing, his kick and play piano, shoving anything he can into his mouth (teething problems), and when Grandma and Grandpa come over.

Dislikes include sleeping, baths, and some diaper changes. :)  

My sweet baby, I love you so much!

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