Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nathaniel is 6 Months Old!

How did this happen? How did my little baby turn 6 months old already? It seems like yesterday he was born, but I also can't really remember life without him in it.  He just fits so well into our family.

He is such a happy, sweet, pleasant baby. His personality is pretty calm.  He is a chill, go-with-the-flow baby. He smiles easily and often. He laughs with us when we play with him or tickle him.

He just started sitting up on his own, but not for too long at a time.

He has his official 6 month appointment next week, but based on our home measurements, he is 16 pounds (20th percentile).  He is 25.5 inches long (21st percentile).  So he's still on the small side, but no longer in the 3rd percentile.  He's growing!

We think he is teething, but no teeth have appeared yet. However, the constant chewing and drool lead us to believe we may see them soon.

He is exclusively breastfed. We've made it to the recommended 6 months without any formula or solid food. This was important to me because of the virgin gut flora that the studies show. We plan to continue breastmilk as his primary nutrition source until he is 1 year, but will begin introducing other foods soon.

He's a pretty good sleeper. Except when he's sick (like he is now with a double ear infection) he generally only wakes up once at night. He usually sleeps next to us in the Rock and Play.  Yes, that means most nights all 4 of us are in one room.

He's still in size 2 diapers with room to grow and still in 3-6 month clothes. Some of his 0-3 clothes still fit as well.

He has started rolling from his stomach to his back, but not yet from his back to his front.  I have also not yet seen such rolling as he does it the second I turn around, but I'm hopeful next month will be the month.

 Highlights of his sixth month include his first Christmas, his first New Year, and his first trip to Chicago.  While there, he met some additional family and got additional cuddles and kisses, of course. He's very popular wherever we take him.

He loves his mobile, his pacifier, and his teething toys. He also loves his kick and play piano, and is starting to use his jumperoo as well!
He is an absolute joy. We love him so much and feel so blessed to see how he has grown from the sick baby that he was to the strong, healthy boy he is now!




  1. such a gift from God - isn't it funny how you can't imagine life before kids / husband / etc.

  2. How cute! My little one is 9 months! He is growing too fast! Congrats on making it 6 months ebf! It's hard work but rewarding right?