Monday, December 29, 2014

A Look Back - Singapore, Here We Come!

This year, on Jeremiah's first birthday, we left on a trip to Singapore to visit my brother and his family. Most exciting, we would get to meet our new niece, Anna! She was born December 16, 2013. 

We left our house early on Sunday morning to begin the long trek to Singapore.  It's about 24 hours total travel time. With a one year old.  On a plane.  Yikes. 

Jeremiah actually did really well on the plane! He wasn't feeling the greatest, so he slept a lot.  Plus, there were four adults to pass him back and forth between. The hardest was eating.  It's not easy having the tray down with a baby on your lap!

When we finally arrived, it was Tuesday morning in Singapore. We went to bed (it was about 1 a.m.) and then got up around a normal time to start the day. It was so great to see everyone!  

That day, we went to the Singapore Aquarium - Jeremiah and my mom stayed at the flat with my sister in law, Evan, and Anna. So that left me, John, Cameron, my dad, and Caleb.  The aquarium was amazing!

That night, we had "Christmas."  The best part was when my brother and sister-in-law opened their picture of Jeremiah wearing a "big brother" shirt.... even though my mom had ruined the surprise for her and my dad earlier. :)
My nephews with one of their gifts

The next day, we left to stay on the beach in a chalet. The chalet was on the South China Sea.  It was nice to walk out onto the beach.
On Thursday, we went to the zoo.  Singapore is known for their beautiful zoo.  It was great to all go as a family. In addition to all the animals, there is a lot of beautiful scenery.

At the zoo

Jeremiah enjoyed the animals to a certain extent. He was still a little young to really get into it.

With Anna at the zoo

My parents and Jeremiah at the zoo

Jeremiah did not like the igloo!

Delia and a friend :)

Caleb driving
That night, we went back to the chalet and Delia's family came over. It was great to see them. I love them like family!

The next morning, we left to go back to their flat.  That afternoon, John and I went downtown while leaving Jeremiah with my parents to rest. We took a boat tour, saw the Merlion, and more. Here are some pictures from our day!

That night, John and I went to the Night Safari at the zoo.  It's not really my favorite, but John wanted to see it. I thought I might enjoy it more than I did the first time, but it turns out it just really isn't my thing.  You ride around in a trolley and see some animals more up close.

We got home around 1 a.m.!  We were so tired. It was a long day in the heat.

More to come....

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