Monday, December 8, 2014

A Look Back - Jeremiah Turns One!

Some of the decor
Usually, I do a year in review post in January. But this year, so much happened that I was never able to blog about! So I'm going to do a look back now in December and capture a lot of the memories that made this such a wonderful year.

Our first big event of 2014 was Jeremiah's 1st birthday party. It was on January 5th.  We had 24 confirmed guests!  Unfortunately, we ended up with literally 11 inches of snow.  So of the 24, 12 showed up.  It was still a lot of fun.

With Grandpa
With Grandma
Our theme was "Star Wars - The Force is Strong with this ONE!"  We figured we could do a play of words with the "one" and he's too young to have an opinion on his birthday party theme. So why not choose what we liked?
Overall, despite the low attendance (which meant way too much food!), we had a great party.  Jeremiah socialized and was adorable.  He had his first piece of cake and opened presents!
What is this food? I want cake!

"Presents for me?"

"A football? Roll Tide!"

A doctor kit from Aunt Jessica and Uncle Jason!

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