Thursday, November 13, 2014

If I Won the Lottery...

If I won the lottery, I would quit my job. (Assuming, of course, I won a large sum and not like a $3 scratch off.)  Being able to spend all day with my babies would be so nice! 

John would quit his job as well.  

Healthy sums would be put aside for both boys' future education.  

Instead of daycare, Jeremiah would most likely go to some form of school 2-3 half days a week for socialization.

I would hire a full time maid and cook.  

I would hire a personal trainer to help me at the gym.

And travel. I would travel.  I would so enjoy traveling more.  Singapore to see my brother and his family, Europe, warm weather locations during snowy times (like today).... so much fun.

We would also give a lot of it away.  The Bible says that true religion is supporting widows and orphans-  we would do this. We would also be heavily involved in fighting human trafficking.

I've never bought a lottery ticket, but this post makes me want to start. ;)

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