Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Trip to the Library - Jeremiah Style

Life is never dull these days.  My boys keep me busy!  Especially interesting is going out in public with the boys. Almost without fail, there is an incident at some point that makes me a) wish we had stayed home, b) turn red with embarrassment, c) wonder if CPS is being called on me, or d) all of the above.

Today at the library, we had several b) incidents. Luckily, no c)s.

We get to the library.  I go to the checkout desk to discuss with the librarian some fines on my account that I wanted to see if they would waive since they were from when Jeremiah was in the hospital and I was one day late returning things. The good part of the story is that they did.  But while I was resolving the issue, Jeremiah kept pointing to any man he saw with kids and yelling "Daddy! Daddy!"  I think in his mind, if you are a man with kids, you are a daddy.  I said to the librarian "He's not shy about pointing at people, is he?"  She said "He keeps calling all those men Daddy. Do you not know who his father is?"  Yes, the logical assumption is when a 21 month old says "daddy" in public is that the mom has no idea who fathered her child.  Incident #1.

Jeremiah loves the library. He loves the books to some extent, but he really loves the toys.  The kids' room is fantastic.  Blocks, a toy kitchen, a train table - he goes from toy to toy over and over. It's a perfect activity for a rainy Saturday like we had. I can sit in peace with Nathaniel and watch him play. He brings me things to show me, and it's so cute.  (He brought me an alphabet magnet. It was a purple E. He said "EEEEEEE!!!!! Purple!!!!!!!" He's getting smarter and smarter!)

After about TWO HOURS, I was ready to leave. We hadn't eaten lunch yet. It was infringing on his nap time. Time to go, right?  Wrong.  He did not want to leave!  Finally, I was able to get him out of the children's room (but not before one last trip to the fish tank where he pointed at a fish and screamed "DADDDDDYYYYYY!"). We went upstairs to the adult section so I could pick up one book I wanted. He got to push the buttons on the elevator, and was very excited.

I quickly get my book, and we go downstairs.  As I'm waiting to check out, Jeremiah decides to make a break for it.  He starts up the flight of stairs.  I asked him to come down. He refused. I go up after him. When I get to him, he giggles and goes limp. I have to carry him down the 6 steps he had climbed.  Incident #2

 Because he ran away, I told him he would need to sit in the stroller while I finished checking out.  So I put him in, but didn't strap him in since it would only be a minute.  As I'm checking out, he pops up, standing on the stroller seat. I gasped, because it's dangerous and I had no idea he'd be able to do that, and said "Sit down!"  He thought that was funny. He then proceeded to point his finger at me and yell repeatedly "Sit down! Sit down! Sit down!"  Then he popped down and jumped back up to resume yelling "Sit down! Sit down! Sit down!"  People were staring. It was not very library-ish behavior. Incident #3

It was a good trip. I guess it's good we stayed there so long since it will probably be some time before I can show my face at the library again.

The face of mischief

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  1. I think it is awesome he loves the library and I cannot believe you were asked such a tacky question!