Friday, October 17, 2014

Nathaniel's Hospital Stay

On Friday, I got to see my baby several times, but I did not get to hold him. In fact, when we went down Friday evening, we were told not to even touch his foot like we had the first time we saw him. They had him covered so he was barely getting any light and were keeping his area very quiet. They explained that he did not do well with stimulation AT ALL.  Any time they had to do his vitals, there was a noise in the room, etc. his oxygen levels would be a lot worse.  He would also struggle more to maintain his temperature.  He was still being very closely monitored and if he got any worse or didn't show signs of improvement soon, he would be transferred to a higher level NICU at Children's Hospital.  This was hard.  

Saturday morning, he still was struggling. They hadn't been able to decrease the oxygen level at all. They had to put a different thing on his face to try to keep the cannula in better position to try to make sure he was getting all of the oxygen support he needed. 100% of his nutrition was still coming from IVs.  However, they didn't have him all covered up so we couldn't touch him, which was nice.

Also nice was that my cousin Anita was visiting from New York and was able to come see him.  My uncle came as well, but did not go into the NICU with us. I wish she had been able to hold him, but at least she got to see him and we got to spend some time together.

Saturday night, something wonderful happened. I got to hold him! I was so excited. :)  John got to hold him as well. It wasn't for long, but it was very special.  They also were able to go back to the regular nasal cannula instead of the extra thing (which I have no idea what the name for that was).

Pictures just because.

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