Friday, October 24, 2014

Nathaniel is Three Months Old Today!

First time at the kick and play piano
My baby is three months old today! And he's the sweetest little guy you can imagine.

He is such a calm baby. He almost never cries.  He'll fuss here and there, but for us to hear an actual cry is a rare occurrence!

He has changed so much in the last month.  He's so much more aware of his surroundings and interacting with people so much more!

I'm reticent to post this as it could change at any time and I don't want to jinx it, but..... he's a great sleeper.  He generally wakes up once or twice a night, but often just once.  He'll sleep like 6 hours straight at times. His big brother still doesn't do that! Okay, he's starting to, but this is amazing to me!

 He's a small little guy! He weighs 11 pounds, 4 ounces. This puts him in the 5th percentile for weight.  He's 21 inches long. This is below the 5th percentile for height. His head circumference is 15 inches. This is below the 5th percentile.  Sensing a pattern here? Little peanut!

He had his first trip out of state this month - we went to Indiana for a wedding reception.  He did great on the trip!
 He loves to stick his fist in his mouth. He sucks his fingers. It's so cute.

He has been staying with Grandma so far; but the first week of November, he starts daycare. I'm glad that I love the daycare they go to, but it's still hard to think of my little guy in a center!

He's a precious little gift. We love him so much  - all of us.  Jeremiah adores his little brother and gives him many, many kisses.  I'm so thankful that he's healthy, strong, and getting bigger. :)

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