Monday, September 8, 2014

Nathaniel's Story - Part II

Where we left off, I was sprung from the hospital on a Saturday morning - two days after my MFM wanted to deliver the baby that day!

Saturday was a low-key day once I got home. I went out to lunch with Jeremiah, my parents, and my cousins who I was seeing one last time before they went back to Africa. I also went to church that evening while Jeremiah stayed at my house with my mom.  Sunday, I stayed home all day.  Monday, I went to work and did everything I needed to do (or so I thought) and talked to my boss because I was officially off work til after the baby arrived.  After that, I had to go back to the hospital (pre-scheduled) for monitoring.  Of course, they decided to keep my longer than for the usual NST. They wanted to do lab work to see how things were going.  The labs were worse than the Saturday labs which had been slightly worse than the Friday labs which had been slightly worse than the Thursday labs which had been slightly worse than the Monday labs.... etc.  But they weren't bad enough to be considered a crisis.  So home I went.

Tuesday, I had a doctor appointment.  That morning, I started having the visual disturbances that are a warning sign of pre-eclampsia progressing. So, of course, that earned me another hospital trip straight from the doctor. I was there for another 5 hours.  Once again, the labs were worse, but not bad enough to do immediate delivery. I was given the option - did I want to deliver that day? I wanted to keep trying to keep the baby in as long as possible for his sake.  That night though, I did finish packing my hospital bag!

Wednesday, John and I had plans to go to lunch, grocery shopping, and a movie while Jeremiah was at  daycare.  One last hurrah, so to speak. Grocery shopping to stock up on everything we would need for the first month or so.  I was pretty sure that I would be having a baby pretty soon!

One thing I've learned with my boys is the quickest way to have a baby is to make plans you're looking forward to. For Jeremiah, it was his baby shower. For Nathaniel, it was apparently this date day.  Because I woke up around 2 a.m. Wednesday just feeling awful.  It's hard to explain - my blood pressure was awful, I was really dizzy, and I had a headache. But mostly, I just felt awful.  So at around 8:00, I called L&D and asked them what I should do.  Surprise (except not a surprise)! They thought I should come in for...... more monitoring!  (Keep in mind, this means out of 9 days, I was in the hospital for monitoring or tests 7 days. This was supposed to be my one day of the week without a doctor appointment or hospital visit!)  I took Jeremiah to daycare and went to the hospital.  I told John I didn't know if our date day would happen.

They admitted me at the hospital and got me settled in a room.  It was pretty clear by how they were acting that they were pretty sure that I was there until I had a baby.  The doctor came in to talk to me after running another set of labs (pretty sure my veins were as sick of the hospital as I was by this point).  He wanted to wait to do another consult with the MFM the next day and then go from there.  But with monitoring in case anything got worse.

So that was the plan.  I was there at for at least the next 30 hours.  My parents visited, John visited of course and brought flowers, and my friend Dy visited.  I watched boring tv. I attempted to read. I even did some work by logging in to our VPN.  And I prayed. Prayed that my sweet boy would be born healthy at the perfect time for him.

Part 3 to come soon.....

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