Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nathaniel Is Two Months Old Today!

(posted a day late due to.... well, life)

My baby is two months old!

Such a sweet, calm baby he is too.  I love him so much.

We've had a rough month around here (going back to work, Jeremiah being extremely sick), and I'm so thankful for his calm, low-maintenance approach to being a baby.  He so rarely cries that I barely know what his cry sounds like.

If he's crying, generally speaking, it's due to hunger. But he usually goes 3 hours between feedings, and at night will often go 4-5..... which means he wakes up fewer times per night than Jeremiah, the 20 month old. :)  I don't compare them really, but I do have to say it's nice to have a baby that sleeps more.

When he takes a bottle, he generally takes about 2-2.5 ounces.  He does really well with taking a bottle while I'm at work and nursing when I'm home.  Either way, he gets 100% breastmilk.

Nathaniel is 10.1 ounces, which is about the 7th percentile! My little peanut!  He is 21 inches long, which is below the 5th percentile.  His head is 15 inches, which is between the 5th and 10th percentile. He's a peanut!

He likes being in his bouncer, the Rock N Play, the swing, but he also sleeps well in the co-sleeper by our bed.  He also sleeps in my arms sometimes when I fall asleep feeding him. Oops! We weren't going to co-sleep with this one!

One exciting outing lately was to the hospital. But not for anything bad. We took thank you gifts to his nurses who worked so hard to keep us healthy at the hospital!  They loved seeing him. And really? How could they not with this sweet face?

Jeremiah and Nathaniel get along great.  Jeremiah will replace his pacifier if he notices Nathaniel spit it out (sometimes. Othertimes he runs away with it...).  If you ask him to say "Nathaniel," he says "brother" every time.

Nathaniel, you make our days full and our hearts even fuller.  Mommy loves you so much!

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