Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nathaniel's Story - Part 1

Nathaniel's story.... it's not a simple story.  It's a long story with twists, turns, sickness, but has a beautiful ending.

His birth story, so to speak, really starts about a week before he was born.  By that point, I had developed pre-eclampsia and was spending a lot of time at the doctor/hospital.  My doctor wanted me to see the perinatologist who I had seen when I was pregnant with Jeremiah. I had an appointment for after work on Thursday, the day I would be 35 weeks exactly.  I ended up leaving work early that day because I felt so awful, and I went straight to the hospital (where I had already been Monday and Tuesday that week).

I went straight to the Maternal Fetal Medicine department knowing they could do my NST until my doctor was available.  While there, I found out that my regular OB had sent over some test results from earlier that day showing I had elevated protein in my urine.  I did the NST and then the doctor came in.  He took a look at my test results and blood pressure readings and said we needed to deliver that day.  I did not agree.  I just knew the baby wasn't ready to come. Also, I wasn't prepared.  35 weeks?  A full week earlier than Jeremiah, who had needed 4 days in the NICU?  No.  I just knew it wasn't time for him to be born.  So we talked. I tried negotiating "What if I cut back my hours at work?" His response "If you leave this hospital still pregnant, you will NOT be working anymore!"  We kept talking.  He stayed firm in his recommendation, but due to my extreme discomfort, he agreed to have me monitored in the hospital for 24 hours at which point we would make the decision. I reluctantly agreed (I would be missing a lot at work the next day!) and immediately called my parents to arrange care for Jeremiah.

I was wheeled down to L&D and admitted. John came after awhile and brought me clothes, toiletries, my computer and a couple of books.  The doctor (not my doctor, but one of his partners) came in and told me it would probably be surgery in the morning. Lovely.

It was a frustrating night.  My IV insertion did not go smoothly.  They had to try twice to get one in.  After midnight, I wasn't allowed anything to drink in case I needed surgery.  I had to collect all of my urine. Everything that went into my mouth was carefully measured. Everything that left my body was carefully measured. At one point, I was so frustrated, missing Jeremiah, and so nervous for my baby that I needed some peace to get any sleep.  Earlier in the week, stressed to the max about other things, I had downloaded the song Oceans by Hillsong.  I kept it on repeat in my room that night, and was finally able to get some sleep.

In the morning, my own doctor came in.  He (unlike the dr from the night before) was very, very supportive of trying to extend my pregnancy as much as possible.  However, my labs showed that my potassium levels were WAY off.  So I had to get IV infusions.  He said it wasn't likely that we would be delivering soon, so I was allowed to eat and drink again. (Which is a good thing seeing as the nurse told me I hadn't had enough to drink overnight and I almost cried saying "But I was told I wasn't allowed except to take my medicine!")

The day passed very slowly.  Burning IVs of potassium dripped into my veins. Boring tv shows were watched.  I attempted to read, but wasn't feeling so good so I didn't succeed much.

More labs were drawn. The pre-eclampsia related labs were fine. Potassium was still super low.  I was told I needed to stay at least until morning to get the other EIGHT bags of potassium.  Potassium? It burns going in.  16 bags in 24 hours? Yeah, it really burns. By the time of the last bag, I was shaking trying to keep from screaming.  Later, I would discover that my IV had blown contributing to the pain. Now, 5 weeks later, I still have a very slight bump from where the last few bags of potassium went in.

Friday night, my nurse said to me "I hear you might get to go home Monday!"  I was like "what....."  Luckily, she was wrong, and on Saturday morning I was sprung. On much stricter restrictions and with many more dr appointments, but I was out at least temporarily.  I could now leave and start really preparing for Nathaniel's arrival.

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