Saturday, July 12, 2014

Jeremiah is 18 Months Old Today!

Jeremiah is 18 months old today!

I can't believe how quickly the time has gone, but at the same time, I have a hard time remembering my life without this little man.  He is such a bundle of joy.  He is probably the happiest baby I have ever met.

He had his 18 month doctor appointment today.  The doctor says he is doing great in just about every way.  He lost weight since his last visit, but the doctor isn't concerned since he eats well and is just very active. Plus, he's still in the 85th percentile so it's not like he's exactly wasting away to nothing.  He's moved up to the 90th percentile for height at 32 inches.  His head is still in the 97th percentile. :) 

The height is well demonstrated in the above pictures- the crib is on it's lowest setting!  This is why we no longer use the crib for him to sleep in! He's too good at getting out.

His big boy bed arrived yesterday! Once it's put together, we'll work with him on sleeping in it instead of the guest room.  He still typically wakes up twice a night or so. We're hoping to break him of this soon. At this rate, I have higher hopes for Baby #2 sleeping through the night before Jeremiah. :)

He currently has 10 teeth completely through and two that he's cutting that you can see.  He's also working on all 4 canines. The doctor said he's going through a lot - cutting 6 teeth at once! But overall, they don't seem to be affecting him too much. He hasn't been eating the greatest, which could be related, but he still eats pretty well.

He loves to read his books! He brings them to me constantly when I'm home. He also loves trying to watch videos on mine and John's phones.  Specifically, he likes Baby Einstein. We put it on the tv for the first time for him about 2 weeks ago and he was fascinated. We still don't want him having much screen time, so we try to limit the videos to being on my phone while I get ready in the morning if John's not there to help and maybe about 15 minutes later in the day.

He's quite the little chatterbox.  The doctor said today that he talks about as well as an average child turning three.  He has about 50 words that he says consistently and about 15 2-3 word phrases.  Some of these are "I'm stuck!" "All done" "Get that" "Go there" "Fix this!"  He can be quite bossy with these phrases. :)  Yesterday, he didn't like the way I did the strap on his shoe (it was slightly crooked), so he told me "Fix this!" When I didn't (we were in a hurry), he sat down, undid it himself and said "Fix it!" So I obliged. 

He loves animals - the cats, any dogs (but only from afar as they scare him up close), and his animal book. We took him to the zoo, and he got excited at times when he saw them. He said "See! See! Oooohhhhh" when he first saw the otters. 

He's a very sociable little boy. He talks to people in stores, waves bye, and more. Sometimes he waves bye when he wants to leave a situation. He tried it four times at the doctor's today. He was done with the exam, so he looked at the doctor, waved, and said "bye bye!"  Unfortunately for him, it's not that easy.

He's beyond precious. He gives hugs, kisses, and occasionally will shout out "love you!"  I adore being his mommy. :)

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  1. He is such a darling boy! Wish I could hold him, read to him and hear him talk.