Saturday, April 12, 2014

Jeremiah is 15 Months!

My little man is 15 months old today!  He is sweet beyond description, intelligent beyond his months (can't say years yet!), adorable beyond comprehension, curious and lively.  He has a true joy in life and everything he does.

Today, we took him to a local park for the first time since he was old enough to really enjoy it (last time we took him he was 5 months old, and hung out in his car seat watching his cousins play).  He was hilarious. He decided the slide was the very best thing.... until, that is, I put him in the swing.  He started to cry when I was putting him in (unsure of what was going on) but as soon as it moved, his whole face lit up.  He was so excited.

He's quite the little ham. He'll do almost anything for a reaction. Case in point? Prior to going to the park, we were at a restaurant with our friends Jason and Jessica.  He picked up a lemon for the first time, and tried eating it. His face was hilarious. However, when he realized we were all amused by this, he repeated it 3 times before deciding it was enough.  He wanted to make us laugh. :)

He's quite talkative.  He clearly knows his mind, and he's gaining more and more words to express it.  Some of these are "Mama," occasionally "Mommy," "Dada/Daddy," "Leo/Leia" for the cats, "Ucy" occasionally for Lucy, "Mumu" for Grandma, "Da" for Grandpa (occasionally "Pa"), "baba" for bottle, "nuh" for "no," "yeah" for "yes," "hi," "buhbye" for "bye bye," "uh-oh" for "I intentionally dropped something that I know expect you to pick up," and a lot of repeating.  He's starting to string multiple words together, but it's still very rare.  Usually more if I say something like "Tell the kitties hi." "Hi, kiddies!"  "Eat your burger" "No buhguh!" The word he says the most is "See!"  It's used for "I want that" "I want to see that" "look at that" etc.  It's his go to word. It's so cute watching him expand his language every day.

He loves to read.  He has his favorite books that I've read to him about 1000 times each.  He also will take his books and "read" them himself.  He has his favorite parts of different stories that he opens to all the time.

He also has recently started grabbing our hands if we tell him "time to pray." He usually stares at us instead of closing his eyes, but he's getting there.

He's a great eater. He'll eat almost anything we give him.  He still has a few bottles a day as well, though we're working on cutting those out.

His sleep is still not so good, so he usually sleeps with us. It's how we all get the most sleep.  We're going to work on it since I'd love to have him in his crib by the time his little brother arrives. He usually takes 2 naps a day (one shorter and one about 2 hours) and then sleeps about 11 hours at night.  But with 2-3 wakeups.  This was going better until he started cutting his dreaded one year molars. They have been a nightmare!  He also has been battling a cold. :(

He loves playing with the cats, taking baths, and his shape sorter.  He loves watching videos on the Ipad, specifically the gummy bear song, the fox song, and "Everything is Awesome."  He knows how to get to YouTube on my phone and then he'll hand me the phone expecting a song.

He blows kisses constantly. Today he kept coming up behind me while I was folding clothes on the floor and hugging me from behind. Just this week, he's started running to me with his arms up when he wants me, and it melts my heart each time. :)

He's the biggest joy I can imagine.  I love him more each day. :)

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