Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jeremiah is 1 year old!

(So this post is a little late because since his first birthday, we have had a week vacation in Singapore, 46 hours on a plane, an ear infection -Jeremiah's, and double pneumonia - mine.)
For the first time, I couldn't take Jeremiah's monthly pictures on his actual month birthday - and it was for his 12 month pictures! His first birthday! You see, Jeremiah spent his first birthday on a plane on the way to Singapore.  (More on that to follow)  Poor baby got to go on his first plane ride - 23 hours and 5 minutes travel time- to turn 1. Not fun for anyone, but especially a little guy! So, anyway, we took these pictures the day before. It was a crazily busy day, so when they didn't go well, we didn't have much time to keep trying. :(
What can I even say.  A full year has passed since this incredible blessing was born.
Then? 7 pounds, 12 ounces.  21.5 inches long
Now? 28 pounds. 31 inches long.
(These are home measurements.  We still need to have his wellbaby visit in two weeks.)
Jeremiah (as of his first birthday) had 5 teeth.  He "talks" a lot, but mainly babble.  "Mama," "Dada," "Baba," "Lea" (for Leo or Leia), and very occasionally "Papa" for Grandpa were his words as of one year.
He still isn't such a great sleeper.  But it's improving.  (Or it was until the 14 hour time difference in Singapore messed with this.)  He's starting to sleep longer stretches, though it's still mostly while he's held. He usually sleeps from about 8:30 - 7, with 2-3 wakeups.
He does well with feeding himself finger foods, and loves being fed as well.  Some of his favorites are cheese, bananas, eggs, and his oatmeal cereal with almost any fruit mixed in.
He's very active! No walking yet, but he stands alone and walks around furniture quickly.  He also crawls faster each day it seems.
Pictures? Really?
He loves getting into just about anything. :) Leaving him alone for a few minutes can be a dangerous proposition. He'll empty laundry baskets, open drawers, and unroll a roll of toilet paper in record time.
One of his favorite things to do is play with Leo.  Leo and Leia are both amazingly tolerant of him pulling their tails, whiskers, etc. (but we're working on teaching gentle hands), but Leo is especially good about playing with him despite the abuse. Lucy just hides from him.
His personality is so sweet. He's a sweet, cuddly boy. He's also amazingly friendly. When we go to stores, he charms everyone around him.  He waves and will give high five on request. He is a super happy baby. 
He's still pretty clingy when he's tired. He's definitely a momma's boy, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
He had a blast at his first birthday party! It got a little snowed out (more on that in another post), but he still enjoyed it. Even in the 2 weeks from Christmas to his party, he understood the concept of opening gifts so much better.
We love Jeremiah more than words can express and can't wait to see what's in store with him for the next year!