Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Memories - One Year Ago!

So, I've had this draft sitting in my box for about a year. :)  As I was partly done with it (and it was called "Christmas Recap - Part 2!"), I ended up having a baby. He kind of took over my life and my blog and all that jazz.  So anyway, with Christmas one week away, I thought I'd look back on last Christmas.

Anyway, on Christmas morning, we woke up kind of early and we exchanged gifts.

We also had some small gifts for the cats.  Though at that point, Leia would have gladly returned Lucy. ;)

Our stockings at the top and Leo and Leia's on bottom (we didn't have Lucy when we bought them!)

White Christmas!

For about a year, John had been saying he wanted an Ipad. Well, thanks to Black Friday deals and careful planning, I was able to surprise him with one! He was totally shocked! I also got him 2 video games that he wanted, an Ipad case, some pajamas, and other small items.

Leo enjoying one of his gifts

Leia examining a gift

Christmas Collar

Lucy in a stocking

"What's this?"

After we finished gifts, I made a simple breakfast. Then we headed over to my grandma's for lunch.  It was just the three of us. We had a lovely visit. 
Christmas Kitty

My gifts

John's Gifts

After that, we went straight to my best friend Ashley's for Christmas dinner with her family. They had very kindly invited us since they knew we were going to be alone for dinner. We had turkey and all the fixings. :) It was also great to see and spend some time with them. Her parents were there as well.

Posing in front of Ashley's tree

I'm sure this upcoming Christmas will be far different! We'll be spending it with my family and we have Jeremiah to keep us on our toes! But it was fun to think back to our last Christmas of just us. :)

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