Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jeremiah is 10 Months Old Today!

Slight Disclaimer:  Each month lately it's gotten a little more challenging to get him to sit still for pictures. This month was pretty much a failure. :/ Even with Grandma and Grandpa trying to help, he is just very mobile and wanting to get into everything! :)  So.... we did our best.

Happy 10 month birthday, Jeremiah!  10 months.... that sounds so old.  Where has my little baby gone?

Truly, not a little baby anymore! He is now 25 pounds, 9 ounces! This is between the 90th and 95th percentile.

Just yesterday, he cut his 4th tooth! He now has the two middle ones on top and the middle ones on the bottom.  
Between teething and sickness, he had a rough month. Poor guy ended up on his first prescription due to bronchitis and an ear infection. Then we ended up back at the doctor because he had a bad cold and we wanted to make sure it wasn't getting worse.  

These issues definitely did not help him sleep. He still sleeps with me most nights. We're starting to try to get him to sleep in his crib more, with varying success. Last week one night, he slept in his crib for 5 hours. Go Jeremiah!  Overall, he tends to sleep from around 8 to around 7 but wakes up 2-3 times during that time.
He is very mobile! In addition to crawling like a champ, he will use just about any object to pull himself up and walk along it.  Even just the wall will work for him.  He just started standing alone, but only very briefly.  I think it scares him a little.

He eats primarily breastmilk, though now he's getting formula as well. He also has a blend of table food and baby food that he eats.  Some meals, I give him parts of whatever we're having where other meals he gets pureed food. I still make most of his purees, but not as many of the meat ones. The ones I tried making with meat, he would barely eat. So meat is usually table food or pre-bought.  He loves Cheerios, cheese, puffs, bananas, scrambled eggs, and anything Mommy is eating most of all. If I'm eating on the couch and he's crawling around, he crawls over, pulls himself up, and stands there watching me until I share. He's up to three meals of food a day most days - during the week, typically oatmeal cereal and fruit for breakfast, vegetables for lunch, and then a blend of different things for dinner. On weekends, his breakfast is usually whatever we're eating.  He has about 20 ounces of milk of one form or another each day.

He's in almost all 18 month clothes.  We finally got him shoes and a size 6 is what fits.  Size 6!
He babbles constantly and says a few actual words. His first word was "Mama" and his second was "Dada."  Now he crawls over to John's pictures at times when John's at work and says "Dada" over and over. So sweet.  He also says "baba" a lot, but I think it's meant to be a variety of things. He's said "Hi." He'll repeat a lot of the sounds and tones we make, but not as actual words if that makes sense.
Favorite toys are mainly people. :) But also his V tech walker, stacking rings, and anything he's not supposed to have - my phone, the remote control, pictures, cat toys, Xbox controllers, etc.  He also loves the kitties. He gets so excited to see them, and they tolerate his fur pulls and tackles well. (Yes, he tackles them. No, I don't know why. Yes, I try to stop it.)

Overall, he's an extremely sweet, happy boy.  People often comment on how sweet and cute he is. He's still in his clingy stage, but I really don't mind most of the time.  :) I love being his number 1 comfort.

He is our world, and we love him so!


  1. Aww such a big boy and so happy! Hope Jeremiah feels better soon.

  2. I thought with that second picture he was walking...but he's going to be there in a heartbeat! =) Love seeing his adorable smiley face...and hope that this month is much less challenging with sicknesses and the like. Here's prayers for a happy, healthy boy!