Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jeremiah is 8 Months Old Today!

Jeremiah is 8 months old today!

How is this even possible?  I mean, seriously.  Where has the time gone?

We weighed Jeremiah this morning. He's up to 24 pounds. Twenty four. TWENTY FOUR, people.  I should seriously have toned arms from carrying him around so much. 

Sorry, Mommy. I'm not wearing this sticker.
 Jeremiah is a sweet, cuddly, curious little boy! He loves to look around and explore with his senses - currently taste seems to be the most favored sense. ;)

Jeremiah has 2 teeth, but seems to be working on one more.

I suppose it won't hurt for one picture.
Most of his clothes are 12 months. There are a  few 9 month items that fit and a few 18 months that he's grown into, but it's mainly 12 months. The times he isn't in cloth diapers, he is still in a size 4.  (He'll be in those for a long while!)

He's a social butterfly if he's not sleepy. He can turn on the charm - church, a store, etc.  He makes friends. He gets that from his super-friendly daddy!

He had a few overnights with Grandma and Grandpa this month while John and I went to Cedar Point and then away for our anniversary. He loves spending time with them and gets very happy when he sees them!

He's starting to eat more and more food instead of just breast milk, but he still drinks about 24 ounces of that each day. We just this week started increasing him from 2 "meals" a day to 3 most days.  His favorites seem to be bananas, sweet potatoes, and avocado. He also seems to like applesauce mixed with oatmeal. Peaches and plums are not big hits, though he'll eat them, especially if we mix them with applesauce.  90% of his food is made from scratch - I like knowing exactly what I put in them.

He also eats things like puffs, teething crackers, etc.  We're starting to use a sippy cup for water, more for practice than anything else.

Everything goes in the mouth...
 He's going through a little clingy stage where he wants held a lot - especially when tired. He sleeps best when he sleeps with me.  Like tonight, he's been in bed 2 hours and already woken for a hug 3 times.  I rock him and put him back to sleep. We have pretty strong feelings about crying it out, so we never do that.

His favorite toys this month are still his Kick and Play piano, his jumperoo, and his Little Einstein piano.
Posing with his elephant
 He babbles almost constantly.  A few times, it's almost sounded exactly like he said "hi" including once when we told him to. I think it was coincidental and not truly his first word though. 

Hi there!
 He loves the cats. Sometimes a little too much. They don't always fully appreciate his affection - especially when it comes in the form of pulled tails and whiskers! But they are good with him. They just escape as soon as they can with no hissing, biting, or swatting.  I'm trying to teach him the difference between a cat and a teething ring though....

Happy 8 month birthday to me!
Now onto skills.

 Mastered Skills
  • Says “mama” or “dada”- he's said them both in the midst of other babble. But not like a careful, deliberate word. Maybe soon?
  • Passes objects from hand to hand- Definitely.

These month stickers are yummy!
 Emerging Skills
  • Stands while holding onto something- Yes!  His favorites are the couch and his musical toy.
  • Crawls- more like scooting.  Backwards? Definitely. Side to side in circles - yes. Forward? I saw it for the first time tonight. Some army crawling as well.
  • Points at objects- occasionally. Usually when he wants something, he stares it down instead of pointing. :)
  • Searches for hidden objects- not very often.
Taking pictures is exhausting...
Advanced Skills
  • Pulls self to standing, cruises- Yes, as long as he has something steady to use, such as the couch.
  • Picks things up with finger-thumb pincer grasp- He does this some when eating, but he's more likely to grab it in his fist and shove his whole fist toward his mouth.
  • Indicates wants with gestures- no. Just staring. :)
He's such an amazing little guy and I love him so much. We feel so blessed to have him!


  1. What a big boy! I am right there with you on not letting them cry it out.

  2. Wow...time flies! He's definitely getting big!!! Thanks for sharing his updates and all the cute pictures.