Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Midweek Random Link Up

  • I have the world's greatest cats. Jeremiah is rough on them - pulling tails and whiskers, biting their fur, and more. I try to stop it, but I can't always get there quite as quickly as I'd like. He has yet to be scratched or even hissed at. Plus my kitties are cute.

  • Anniversary trip this weekend! Yay! I'm excited to get away and to sleep in. Not so excited to leave my baby for 48 long hours! Could you leave this face?

  • Getting married on a holiday weekend was a good decision. We get an extra day to celebrate! Since we only ever have one weekend day together, an extra day means we get an actual two day weekend together.

  • Work is hard.  I hate hiring, training, etc.

  • Car shopping is awful. Too many choices. So much money.

  • I would function better if my child did not hate sleep.

  • After the weekend away, major dieting starts.  I'm kind of excited and kind of scared.  I need to get back in the weight loss groove!

  • New Duck Dynasty tonight.... if I stay awake for it.


  1. We are in the car shopping process, too! I feel your pain!!! :)

  2. So glad you added bloglovin. I was following along and than google reader went bye bye. I can't believe that Jeremiah got sooo big.