Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jeremiah is 5 Months Old!

My sweet boy is 5 months old today!

Every day Jeremiah changes. I'm not exaggerating. It's so much fun to watch him take in the world, learn more, get stronger, etc.   
I weighed him today, so it was an unofficial weight, but the result? 20 pounds, 3 ounces.  Yikes! My baby is huge! I'm thinking I can forego the gym and just lift him a little more. Yes? 
He finally got over his cold, but replaced it with something else super fun - teething! No teeth have broken through yet, but oh the drool. And everything that can possibly be crammed in his mouth is crammed in his mouth. Some days, when you can tell he's in pain, he also gets very crabby.
His sleep has improved some since last month. Some nights he is only up twice instead of three or four times. Other nights he's up 3-4 times. He tends to cat nap, but has also started taking longer naps some days. It's honestly about 50-50 right now.
We tried him on oatmeal cereal and sweet potatoes, but it seemed to upset his system so we're going back to our plan on waiting til about 6 months.
We're back to cloth diapers most of the time during the day.  They are cute, but make his bottom look so big! He's already in mostly 9 months and some 12 months clothes!
His eyes are still a light blue. His eyebrows and eyelashes are darker, so there is a nice contrast between those and his eyes. Very handsome, I think.
Jeremiah met his Uncle Cameron and Auntie Delia this month, along with his cousins Caleb and Evan. Mommy is definitely his favorite person. He gives lots of laughs and squeals for me.  He also will hold onto me or my clothes if he doesn't want put down. He also loves Daddy a lot and laughs and smiles for him.  But right now, he's definitely a Mommy's boy.
I found this list on a friend's blog. It has milestones for 5 months. It lists what skills are advanced for the age, what are emerging (meaning about 50% of babies can do it), and what skills most have mastered. Now, obviously every baby develops differently.  Also, Jeremiah's adjusted age is only 4 months. But he's pretty close to the 5 month skills, so I'm still going to list those.
Mastered Skills
  • Distinguishes bold colors- I think so! Things definitely catch his eye, especially if they light up. He LOVES his Baby Einstein musical turtle!
  • Plays with hands/feet-  Absolutely. His hands are in his mouth much of the time and he likes grabbing his feet too. :)
Emerging Skills
  • Recognizes own name- I think so. He seems to stop what he's doing if I say his name
  • Turns to new sounds- oh yes. He has been doing this for a long time. He likes music especially.
  • Rolls over in both directions- No. He gets about halfway there and then gets bored with it. :)
Even month stickers go into the mouth
Advanced Skills
"Quick! Take the picture while I'm still upright!"

  • Sits momentarily without support- Kind of. Emphasis on the momentarily.
  • Mouths objects- Yes. Yes. Yes. For sure. He loves to stick everything in his mouth. The other day I saw him go from petting Leo (really, grabbing and pulling Leo's fur) to trying to get it to his mouth. Uh, no. That doesn't need to happen. But I'm glad Leo is so tolerant!
  • Separation anxiety may begin- a little bit.  He has definitely become more aware when I hand him to someone he's not as used to and he'll cry at times if I'm not in his line of sight.
"Hurry! We both know this doesn't last long!"
Such a fun age! This has definitely been my favorite month so far. I miss some of the newborn cuddles, but the emerging personality is even better! And he's still a little snuggle-bug so I get lots of cuddles too. :)

"This is how I hold up my head like a big boy!"

"Look, Mommy! I got it off!"

"You can't see my sticker!"

"It's all mine!"


  1. Oh heavens what a sweet boy! I can't even believe my eyes that he is sitting up like that. And those leg rolls are just so yummy. :) Give him a kiss for me! :)
    (This is Ashley btw)

  2. What a cutie...his arms and legs are just looking so squeezable! Give him a kiss for me. He's growing so fast!

  3. So cute!! I want to squeeze his little arms - I just love the baby rolls :) And his face when he is sitting up on his own - ha! So cute!

  4. He is getting so big :( I want to meet him so bad!!! Keep up the good work Mommy and Daddy :)