Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day

Last Sunday was my first Mother's Day. (Last year, I got a present, but it was from the cats. So.... not quite the same thing!) We celebrated the day with family, presents, and of course - lots of pictures.

My men

Tired, cranky baby

Uncooperative when tired
Before church, we got up, got ready, and the boys gave me gifts. I got a digital picture frame and accessories to go with it.  We then went to Panera's for breakfast, as I declared I shouldn't have to cook breakfast on Mother's Day. :)
After church, we headed to my parents' house where my dad cooked dinner - hamburgers on the grill. Yum!  My parents also wanted to keep Jeremiah overnight.  While I missed him, it was so great to get sleep. Plus I was having a childcare issue for the next day, and by him staying with them, the problem was solved. :)

So cute with Grandma

Me, Mom, and Jeremiah

With my sweet baby
John and I planned on going to see Iron Man 3 while Jeremiah was with my parents, but we ended up not going.  Instead we went home and we relaxed. I took a nap. :)

My boys and me

Happy baby
Jeremiah and Grandpa chatting
I missed Jeremiah - a lot.  I'm pretty used to having him around!

It was a great day. And my mom liked her gift from Jeremiah - his footprints! Her gift from me and John is a joint gift for my dad for Father's Day - when my brother and family are in town, we're doing family pictures!

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  1. Love the pictures...and the one of him smiling is so precious too! Give your parents our love!