Monday, May 13, 2013

Meet Lucy!

So, a certain little lady has been mentioned several times on the blog, but never formally introduced.  Time to   fix that!

Meet Lucy.

Lucy joined our family on December 22, 2012. Yes, on Leo's birthday, we got another kitty that matches him. It was kind of a Christmas gift for me. :)

We had no intention of getting another cat. But we ended up at the Humane Society to look at a lizard (ew. But it was gone by the time we got there!) and so since we were there, I wanted to hold a kitty. Somehow, they tricked me into adopting her.

She was so tiny! 2 months old exactly, 2 pounds, orange and white fluff!

She was found outside at 2 weeks.  She was fed by the person who found her, but then they took her to the shelter. According to their notes, she was very shy around people, but was discovering that she liked people. People pet her, which she likes. People feed her, which she likes.

The shelter named her Orangie, but that's not a cute name.  She needed a cute name. We choose Lucy in keeping with our L theme for the cats.  Lucy Renee, to be specific.

We took her home and she went to the traditional hiding place of kittens we bring home.... under the couch.  We eventually let the other cats out to meet her, and it didn't go so well!  Leia immediately smelled something funny! She was not a fan of Lucy. Leo was. Leo likes other kitties.

For about a week or more, Leia hissed every time she saw Lucy. Lucy was unphased by this, and would just scamper around doing what she pleased.

A few days after we got her, she got very sick. :(  I ended up bottle feeding and syringe feeding this little kitty!  Good practice for the baby, I suppose. I used the humidifier in the bathroom where we were keeping her and that helped some. But the poor thing wouldn't eat at all. When the vet reopened, I took her in.  She had an upper respiratory infection. But she recovered quickly.
"Take me with you!"

In January, she was spayed.  They shaved her furry tummy for this. She looked kind of funny for awhile, but her fur has since grown back.

"I'll just climb in your purse and go home with you."
Lucy is playful, especially with Leia.  She's skittish around people, but how skittish comes and goes.  For awhile, she was pretty brave. Then when I left her for a week to have Jeremiah, she regressed a little. She still prefers me to most people, but will have times she doesn't even want me.
Leo immediately wanted to take care of her.

She's growing way too fast.  I wish I could keep her kitten size!

Her nicknames are Lucy-Goosie, Lucy Goose, Baby Lucy, Goosie Girl, and just Goosie.

I'm sure you'll be seeing more of her on here, so I felt she was due a proper introduction!

Cute Kitty

Christmas Eve

The orange and white kitties

It's a great stocking stuffer!

It's not an ornament; it's Lucy!

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  1. Awww, how cute... that is the exact kind of kitten I want if we ever get one!