Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jeremiah's Dedication

About two weeks ago, we had Jeremiah's baby dedication.  For those who don't know, a baby dedication is a ceremony where we acknowledge that our baby is a gift from God to us, but ultimately belongs to God.  As such, we choose to raise them believing in God and teach them about God. (It's similar to some religions that do baptisms or christenings. We do baptisms, but only when the person is old enough to make that choice for themself.)

We scheduled the dedication for when John's mother was in town.  It was our church plant's very first baby dedication! So it was special for multiple reasons.

For the ceremony, we went up to the front of the church with our family members - my parents, John's mom, and Jeremiah's "aunt," "uncle," and "cousins."

Other friends also came for the dedication, so the church was pretty full.

For the dedication, our pastor held Jeremiah and read Scriptures about children being a blessing. He then read a charge to us, where we promised to raise Jeremiah in a Christian home, etc.

Our family took a charge to support us in showing Jeremiah a Godly example.  The congregation also had a charge of their own. After that, we all prayed for Jeremiah.

End of the ceremony
Jeremiah and John
After the service, we took lots of pictures. Please note the adorable outfit. :) Unfortunately, all the picture taking and visiting others led to an overstimulated, crabby little boy. You'll see that in the last pictures.  
We had the family over for dinner afterwards.

With Camille, Aunty Karen, and Caroline
With Caroline
With Camille

Family Picture

Daddy and Son

Somebody's not happy.....


Grumpy boy with Grandma and Grandpa

My mom with Jeremiah

Hungry baby

With my baby

Family Picture

Family Picture..... Tired Baby

 It was a fun time to celebrate Jeremiah again.

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