Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy 4 months, Jeremiah!

(Actual 4 month birthday was Sunday, the 12th. I waited to post this until after his 4 month check-up so I'd have his stats.)

Weight: 17 pounds, 12 ounces; 90th percentile!  (Yeah, that would be an average weight gain of 2.5 pounds a month.....)
Length: 26 inches; 75th percentile!
Head Circumference: 17 inches; 50th percentile

This last month has been very eventful!  Jeremiah has changed so much!

He is such a joy to be around. He smiles and jabbers often.  He likes to talk. If you don't respond, he'll get gradually louder and louder, shriller and shriller.

Jeremiah had a cold for about 2 weeks. :( He's still getting better, but he was pretty miserable for awhile. It resulted in my first late night phone call to the pediatrician.

Jeremiah still isn't the greatest of sleepers - the cold made it even worse. Four times a night became his standard amount of wake-ups there for a few weeks.  He also doesn't nap a lot. He usually sleeps from about 9 -11, 11:30 - 1:30, and then up every hour and a half after that.  I'll be honest - it's pretty exhausting. He still sleeps with me on the couch most nights. On nights I put him in his bassinet, he wakes up even more often. On the plus side, the sleepy baby cuddles are pretty much priceless.

Jeremiah is still on exclusive breastmilk.  We have no plans to start solids until at least 6 months.  He is still spitting up a lot.

He's a big boy; most of his clothes are 6-9 months.  He is starting to outgrow his size 2 diapers, though we usually use cloth.  Right now, we have a ton of size 2s we were given that we're trying to use up.

Jeremiah met his other grandma this past month when she came from Alabama to visit.  He also was dedicated. He also celebrated Mother's Day (on his 4 month birthday!)

Jeremiah's laughter is adorable.  He smiles so often. He is working on rolling over.

His hair is growing in thicker again.  His eyes are still a light blue.

Love you, baby boy!


  1. Awe, what cute pictures! David was here and said, "Woa, porky, like Stephen!" LOL. So I had to get out the baby books and check...sure enough...18lbs at 4 months...guess these little men really like their milk! =)

    You know, Rebekah spit up all the time too...and it always amazed me that she was gaining weight. Just wonderful stuff, I guess.

    Well, you're doing an awesome job with your adorable little man. I probably won't get to hold him while he's sad. =( Don't you want to come visit?!?!?! =)

  2. Such a cutie! I am in the same boat of being up a lot in the middle of the night but I know it gets better eventually

  3. aww, what a cute little guy your have :) I love the pictures with the elephant!!