Monday, February 4, 2013

January Goals Review

Time for a check-in on my 2013 goals!  As you know if you've been reading the blog, January was a slightly crazy month with the birth of my son, a 6 day hospital stay, and more.  But I still want to check in. My goals were posted here. They're also listed below.

1) Read through my Bible this year..
I'm a little behind on this. I didn't have my Bible with me for the 6 days in the hospital. I will catch up though. Maybe by February I'll be right on track!

2) Read at least 25 books. 

I read three books so far.  Two non-fiction, 1 fiction, so I'm doing good on the goal! Of course, two of the books I actually started last year and just finished in January, but they still count! :)

3) Lose all the baby weight by April 1st. Lose an additional 20 pounds by September 1st.  Get into an exercise routine that works with my new lifestyle!

Well, no exercise so far. I'm still not allowed to. But we did order my Christmas gift which is an elliptical for the basement so once I'm cleared, I can work out without leaving the house.  But as for the rest of the goal, we are going to have to revise it. Why? Because I already met it!  When I got home from the hospital, I was 14 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant.  When I weighed this morning, I'd lost another 6 pounds.  So, that adds up to 20 pounds lighter!  Woohoo!  I'd love to lose another 30.  So we'll make that my goal by the end of the year.

4) Blog at least once a week (unless I'm on vacation and don't have computer access).  I love blogging and I love looking back on past blogs. With a baby on the way, I want to use the blog to document a lot of his growth and changes. 

I blogged 9 times in January, so without going and checking dates, I think I blogged every week. Either that or I blogged a lot some weeks. :)

5) Date night with John at least once every 2 months. They don't have to be expensive dates but I want to make sure we're getting out together
We have one scheduled for this month.

6) Finish unpacking all the boxes from our move.

No progress. I went from bedrest to the hospital to home with major restrictions on climbing stairs and lifting things (nothing heavier than baby!).  So no progress. I'm thinking this will be more of a summer goal.


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  2. You're doing great on your goals! Very impressive. You're ahead on most so don't let the unpacking thing get you down. You'll get to it, just let your body recover for now.