Friday, January 4, 2013

35 Weeks!

Thirty five weeks pregnant today means 35 days until the due date! Woohoo! 35 and 35. :)

How big is baby? 
He is approximately the size of a coconut! But our big baby will have a better estimate at our next growth ultrasound next Thursday.

Total weight gain/loss:
I gained 2 pounds this week for a net gain of 11 pounds. 

I'm blogging at 5 a.m., so that should answer the "how is sleep going" question. :/  It's not happening much at all this week.  Part of it is a cold/side effect from a new med.
He moves a ton. It's kind of fun, but at the same time getting a little painful at times.

Pre-eclampsia (and a lot of symptoms that go along with that)
Contractions (especially if I've done much at all that day)
Having to go to the restroom a lot

Food cravings: 
Nothing comes to mind. Unless you count ice water which isn't exactly a food!

Food aversions: 
Nothing specific.


Belly Button in or out?
 In but getting kind of shallow!

What I miss:
Moving around easily and taking deep breaths. Also, just feeling better in general.

What I am looking forward to: 
Meeting my little man. :)
Baby shower next weekend!

Baby has clothes and diapers ready! My mom came to help with baby laundry since I am not supposed to do the stairs. :)

In less exciting news, I had major problems last Saturday. Blood pressure was high all day and he wasn't moving much! After 5 hours in labor and delivery, I was put on medicine for my blood pressure.  Now they're monitoring me extra closely. The goal is to get to 37 weeks at which point they will most likely need to induce delivery.  Yikes. The blood pressure medicine makes me really, really sick.  I think it might be a large part of the reason I'm not sleeping well this week. Another side effect is a stuffy nose, so I think that's what is giving me my cold symptoms.

We also had a stressful day yesterday. My blood pressure was extremely high at my non-stress test - despite the medicine.  Then he wouldn't "breathe" at his biophysical profile.  So I have to go for an extra one on Monday.  They said not to worry about it. (Easier said than done.) He's done it fine for all the other BPPs, so I don't know what his deal was. Maybe he was tired?

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  1. Will be thinking of you and praying for the little one too. God bless you in this new year. Love ya.