Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Confessions Link Up - 1/30/2013

Linking up with Think Happy Thoughts for Wednesday Confessions!
  • I confess that today is the first day I've read blogs in about 2.5 weeks.  Probably more like 20 days. I mean, I read the odd one here and there when my friends on twitter posted their links, but really to look at the blogs I follow? Not until today.

  • I confess that typing this blog would be easier if I didn't have my baby in one arm.  Please ignore any typos. :)

  • I confess that I have very little ambition to get anything done even when Jeremiah is sleeping. I blame sleep deprivation, but when he sleeps, other than sanitizing bottles, I find myself laying on the couch watching him sleep while watching tv.  But generally, he sleeps well only when he's held, so there's not much sleep time where I really could get things done. That's my excuse anyway.  And since I'm working from home some, I use a lot of his good sleep time catching up on office stuff.  Working when my son is less than 3 weeks old isn't ideal, but it will allow me to spend a little more time before I'm back in the office full time.

  • I confess that I miss my bed. Little man's lack of sleep has driven me to sleeping on the couch with him about 6 nights a week - whenever my husband has to work the next day. He has to be up at 5:30 a.m. for work so a fussy baby who cries and cries at night in the room isn't ideal.  And on the couch, I can hold him and we can both sleep a little.  I'm not comfortable doing that in bed with John; two sleeping adults plus all the blankets are too dangerous for my little guy.

  • I confess that when I see my cats sleeping sweetly right next to the baby, all on my lap, I melt a little. Even if those same cats have been driving me crazy.

  • I confess that I plan on going into the office for a few days next week..... but I have no idea if any of my work clothes will fit. My maternity clothes are too big, but I don't know if my normal work pants will fit. I'm down in weight, but my stomach is still bigger than it was!

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  1. Aw all your baby comments make me want a baby even more!! Love that your kitties sleep next to the baby. SO CUTE!

    Thanks for linking up!