Monday, December 3, 2012

Someone's Got a Birthday.....

And it is this girl!
It's Leia!
My sweet, adorable, playful, adventurous kitten is a kitten no more!
Leia didn't have the easiest few weeks of her life, but I think we've made up for it since then as she is quite spoiled now.
You see, she was found out in the cold at 4 weeks old with her brother.  Teeny tiny little kitty.  She spent 6 weeks in a shelter/foster home.  During that time, she had surgery. But then, at 10 weeks, she came home to us where she belongs.
Our first picture of her - 2/10/2012
Such a tiny little thing - 2 pounds!
She perfected her stink eye at a young age!
Her rough start has left her a little skittish at times, but she has gotten much, much better. She still runs and hides if there are other people or loud noises, but she comes out much sooner than she used to.  For weeks, she was even scared of me. It took many days of feeding with her, spending time with her without pressuring her, and more before she decided I was to be trusted.

 She also had a little bit of apprehension when she met her big brother Leo.  In fact, she bit him 3 times the first day they met! (Sweet Leo never hurt her, but would come complain to me.) But eventually, his sweetness won her over.  Within a week, they were cuddling together at times!
She's a girly girl.  She likes purses.  She routinely walks away with my jewelry, lip gloss, hair barrettes, and more. Speaking of that, she will take things she decides are "treasures" and hide them. It can be anything from a cough drop to a thumb drive cover.  She has her favorite treasure spots - under the coffee table, downstairs, etc.
What does Leia like?  Here are some of her favorite things.


Chewing on whatever she can find

Having a little afternoon Starbucks

Helping Mommy pack for trips
Using her cuteness to get extra pets

Admiring the Christmas tree.... or attacking the Christmas tree

"Helping" in the kitchen
Taking "cat naps."

Sleeping in strange locations/positions
Wrapping Gifts
Cuddling with Mommy

Going to the office with Mommy
 She also loves playing rough with her daddy, chasing "mousy" around, and eating whatever food she can scavenge from either the kitchen or people's plates.
Dislikes include the following:
When Mommy tries using the computer instead of just focusing on petting her.
When Mommy uses the flash on the camera

When books distract Mommy from petting her thorougly

Blogs that AREN'T about her
Other dislikes include any closed doors (the world should be hers to explore!), being picked up when she doesn't want to be (she wants to come to you!), and being awakened from her nap (should she choose to nap in your lap, how dare you choose to go to the bathroom 4 hours later! Stay still!).
Any of these actions will most likely be met with an unhappy "mew!"  Her voice has gotten a little louder than the squeak she had at first, but it's still a tiny little voice.
 She's still our little diva kitty, but we love our Princess Leia! Happy birthday, Princess! Enjoy the extra catnip. :)


  1. Great pictures! Have a good day.

  2. Such a pretty kitty! What would we do without our pets?