Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy birthday, Leo!

My first ever pet has a birthday today - he is 4!  But this is his first birthday since he became mine.

The day after we got our handsome boy
I'm firmly convinced that Leo is the best cat ever. He is such a sweet boy, a great big brother to Leia (always looking out for her if she sounds upset), and friendly to anyone who visits!

Is this for us to play with?

It's his personal mission to convert anyone who says they don't like cats - he chooses to give them lots and lots of attention. :)  He means well.

Cuddly kitty taking a nap on Mommy

"Please pet my tummy, Mommy!"

"I'm just going to rest here on my little brother."
 He's not as playful as Leia as he's not a kitten, but he's still playful.  His favorite thing to do though (other than eat....) is to just lay in my lap and purr.  He's a sweetie, and quite handsome in my opinion.
Leo loves boxes

"Aren't I cute?"

Just chilling....

Even when we adopted Leia, we had none of the usual problems with adding a cat to another cat - he just wanted to be friends! She was more hesitant, but he was like "A new friend! Yay!!!!!" In fact, he was quite confused by her hesitation. :)

"Oh the indignities...."

"I'll help wrap presents!"

Super kitty!

January 6, 2012 was a great day; the day Leonardo DaVinci joined our family!

Happy birthday, Leo! We love you!!!!

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