Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fill in the Blank - Christmas Edition!

Linking up for this one - though I'm a day late! I liked the questions and wanted to do them anyway. :)

1.  When it comes to holiday shopping, I
usually love going out in the busy malls and shopping til I drop.  Unfortunately, "til I drop" comes way too soon after weeks on bedrest. So online shopping it is! Best for me and baby. :)

2.  A few things on my Christmas wish list are...
a new cover for my Nook, the Maze Runner trilogy, political biographies or autobiographies, some DVDs, and the Transiberian Orchestra Christmas CDs.
3.  An intangible gift I would like to receive is 
peace. Peace of mind. Peace for others. Peace for the world. (Yesterday's shooting really shook me up.)

4. A gift I would like to give this year is   
I would love to be able to take my husband on a vacation, but that's not in the cards this year.
5. My Christmas will be spent  
In a low-key way.  We're celebrating with "family" on Christmas Eve, then exchanging gifts on Christmas morning. We'll then go to my grandma's for lunch - it will just be the three of us.  After that, no plans.
6. My most favorite Christmas gift of all time was  
I don't really remember.  I have been blessed with so many good gifts over my lifetime. At one point, it was my Baby Talk doll. For another year, it was an air hockey game my brother and I got.  Last year, my husband got me nice stuff.
7.  The best thing about the holidays is 
The true meaning of Christmas - the gift of Jesus!

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