Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Recap - Part 1

I was a little worried about how Christmas would turn out this year.  Between being on modified bedrest, both of our families being so far away, etc. I just wasn't sure how it would feel! Would it still feel like Christmas?  It was a strange Christmas season without being able to do a lot of Christmas activities - almost no shopping, Christmas programs, etc.  I'm happy to say that it was a wonderful Christmas!

We don't have much family in the area, but we have lots of friends who are like family. :)

Christmas Eve during the day was a little bit of a rough day. John had to work from 5 a.m. to 1:00. I had to go to the hospital for an NST.  Unfortunately, I was feeling absolutely terrible all day to the point I couldn't sleep the night before (partly from just being miserable, partly from contractions, etc.)  It was to the point that I called the hospital to see if I could go in for my test early. (Plus, my blood pressure was super high all morning!) Then I drove there and I'm sorry to say, I cried in the parking lot. I was scared, lonely, and stressed!  When I got inside (after I made myself stop crying), they decided to have me do extra tests.  Luckily, everything was fine.  Baby looks super strong. The doctor on call was looking at his activity and said "This is a 33 week baby? Really? He's so strong!"

After coming home and resting for awhile, once John got off, we went over to our family friend's house for Christmas Eve dinner.  This would be the home of our "nieces." We had a great time and a delicious dinner. Oh, and way too much dessert. :)

Me with my nieces

There was a lot of love and laughter that night.  And I love the top I was wearing - a gift from my cousin Anita!

Me and John with our nieces

The ladies that evening

Our hosts and her mother

Just the three of us

Our gifts from them were Alabama and Michigan State onesies! As well as gift cards and babysitting for a date night once the little man is here. He is now well prepared to root for either team.

Yummy cake made by Rachel and decorated with a smile!

Chocolate covered oreos and marshmallows

Reindeer marshmallows

While we were there, it started snowing! Turns out we would have a white Christmas after all!

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