Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Card Outtakes

I got my Christmas cards for the year! And for a great price as well (thank you, Groupon!). 

I had a cute idea for Christmas cards - Leo would be Santa and Leia would be an elf!  Well, let me say..... cats don't like costumes.  The elf one was tolerated (kind of) but the Santa one never even successfully made it onto a cat.  By the time I got the second paw in, Leo had gotten the first one out.  At no time did he ever have two paws in.

And cats sitting still for a picture?  Um..... well. Let's just say even my normal bribing with treats didn't work as Leia had hope that if she ran, she could escape the costume apparently. 

And at times, they would work together to get the costume off whichever one it was on. 

"Mommy, what is this?"

"You might have gotten me to wear it, but you can't make me pose."

"This is embarrassing. I'll look away."

"Here, Leo. I'll help you get it off!"

"Mom, we are not amused."

"Fine. Take your silly picture and then get me out of here."

"Humiliating. Totally humiliating."

"I mean, a jingle bell hat? Really?"

"Nobody look."

"I'm sad."

"Look. There's another one. Help."

"No! This hat is not any better!"

"I can get it off!"

"I shall now hit the hat."
Poor Leia. When it was her times to wear the costume, she fell asleep perfectly fine and woke up costumed.  It was much easier than trying to put the costume on while she was awake.  Needless to say, she also was not a fan.
"What is this thing?"

"If I crouch down, can I escape it?"

"You woke me up..... for this?"

"If I eat the hat, I won't have to wear it!"

The good news is, I did get some cute pictures and was able to make the cards.


  1. Poor Cats! =) They are cute, but I feel sorry for them having to be stuck in a costume. =)

  2. I am TOTALLY jealous of how well your cats wore their outfits. Muffin hates me... thanks for commenting on my blog!