Saturday, December 29, 2012

34 Weeks!

We are 34 weeks along! Six more to go!

How big is baby? 
He is approximately the size of a butternut squash. (Though he's bigger than average as we have said before, so he's really probably bigger than that.) He's an estimated 6.5 pounds and 19 inches!

Total weight gain/loss:
I lost weight again this week. Total gain so far of 9 pounds. I have NO idea how that happened. My appointment was the day after Christmas and after our delicious Christmas Eve meal where I think I ate enough for 5 and our two Christmas day meals, I was expecting a large gain - the kind that makes them think I'm retaining a ton of fluids due to my pre-eclampsia and instead I have to explain "No, I just ate like a pig the last two days" type of gain. I didn't even bother taking off my shoes for weighing like I usually do. I was like "It's going to be such a gain that it really doesn't matter." But apparently.... I was wrong.

I'm tired, and sleeping great some nights. Other nights, I'm tired but not sleeping well. I did take naps two consecutive days this week which isn't like me.

He moves a ton. His favorite times seem to be around 3 a.m.  But he likes to move around and I can often see him moving from outside my stomach!

Pre-eclampsia (and a lot of symptoms that go along with that)
Contractions (especially if I've done much at all that day)
Having to go to the restroom a lot

Food cravings: 
Nothing comes to mind. Monday I was craving food in general for much of the day, but I think that had more to do with not really eating breakfast or lunch. :)

Food aversions: 
Nothing specific.


Belly Button in or out?
 In but getting kind of shallow!

What I miss:
Moving around easily and taking deep breaths.

What I am looking forward to: 
Meeting my little man. :)

Baby did fine my non-stress tests and biophysical profile this week. He's still head down!  Unfortunately, my blood pressure has gotten worse - no fun at all.

He's apparently starting to recognize simple songs. :) I guess I should start singing lullabies to him!

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  1. Sorry to hear your blood pressure is getting worse. Is your doctor talking about delivering early? Preclampsia is scary. I had it for my last pregnancy and was lucky that my blood pressure wasn't super bad until 38 weeks. We delivered right away. I'm 20 weeks pregnant now and already starting to swell. Fingers crossed this is not the start of preeclampsia again.