Monday, November 12, 2012

Our First Anniversary

This post is much later than I had intended to post it! I started it about a month and a half ago!  But then it slipped off my radar with the busyness of life.  But I want to write it so I have it to look back on in years to come.
We had originally talked about going out of town for our anniversary, but then we decided due to our travels earlier in the year, the pregnancy, and just wanting to stay home to have a "stay-cation" instead.
Our anniversary was on September 3rd, but we started the celebration on September 2nd.  We slept in and then exchanged gifts.

John got me a beautiful pearl and diamond necklace.  It's hard to see it in the picture.  I got him a bunch of collectibles that he wanted. (You should see his man cave-  so many collectibles.)  I also got him a ring with the Lord's Prayer on it.

After that, we went to breakfast and then the Detroit Institute of Arts.  John had never been, and I'd only been there once.

John posing with "The Thinker"

At the fountain outside (17 weeks pregnant!)
We walked around and looked at a lot of the art.  They have quite the impressive collection - from Rembrandt to Picasso and much more!

After that, we returned home and rested for awhile (all the walking is hard on pregnant feet!) and then went to dinner and a movie.  Our dinner was at Cheeseburger in Paradise! The movie we saw? The ever-romantic 2016. I had wanted to see it and there wasn't much else out to see. It was a good, informative movie, though not completely unbiased, I'll admit.

The next morning we went to a fun local breakfast place, The Breakfast Club.  It's a nice little spot, and when you pay your bill, they give you a chocolate-covered strawberry. Yum!

After that, we went to the zoo.  We had gone there when we were dating.  John loves looking at all the reptiles and amphibians, though that's not my favorite part. :)

It was really, really hot.  So it was pretty tiring, but we saw most of the exhibits we wanted to see.  It's really not the best zoo, but still fun. 

My feet and whole lower legs were so swollen by the time we left that we again went home to get some rest before our evening plans.
John riding a turtle
That night, we got dressed up and went to Canada for dinner. We decided if we weren't going to leave town, we should still leave the country.  :)  We're only about 30 minutes from the Canadian border.  The restaurant we went to, Keg Steakhouse, was a nice treat. It overlooks the Detroit/Windsor riverfront, so we were looking at the Detroit skyline. The food was SOOOOO good. I ate less than half my food and was stuffed!

Then we went out and took pictures by the water.

After that, we went home and watched our wedding video. It was fun to relive it a year later!

The next day, we relaxed around the house, ran errands, and just enjoyed having a low-key day.  That evening, we went to my parents for dinner. 

It was a lovely first anniversary weekend!   

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