Monday, November 19, 2012

Birth Class

So today, we had our birthing class at the hospital.  It was a long day. You see, we had signed up for an all-day Saturday class instead of an evening class due to John's work schedule at the time. There was no way he would have been able to do 4 evening classes, but we thought maybe he could do one Saturday class. Well, now that his schedule has changed, it probably would have been preferable to break it up into 4 sessions instead of one LLLOOOONNNNGGGG eight hour class! But what was done was done.

After a long night volunteering for the home for abused and neglected children where I have volunteered for years, I was far too tired to get up early enough to cook.  So we stopped for a nice, relaxing breakfast on the way to the hospital. Which meant, getting up at 6:30 after a long day the day before that was non-stop from work at 8:30 to getting home at 11:30.  Tired was an understatement.

After that, we headed to class. It was..... interesting.  We learned a lot. Some information probably we could have gone without knowing. ;)  Some pictures that were seen cannot be unseen. 

We started by going around the room and introducing ourselves, telling due date, gender, our favorite part of pregnancy, and something we could live without.  The 5 ladies who went before me are either total Pollyannas or are having the best pregnancy luck ever. Seriously. "My favorite part is everything and I don't have anything I could possibly list as something I could live without."  I like to think I was a little more honest. :)  But all I said was I didn't like the swollen ankles. :)

At one point, I left the room for a bathroom break (7 months pregnant - HELLO!) and they showed a C-section video. When I got back, my incredulous husband said "THEY HAD TO CUT INTO HER STOMACH! THROUGH MUSCLES AND EVERYTHING!!!"  I explained, "Yes, that's what they do." 

Overall, it wasn't too bad. The chairs were uncomfortable which made me extra tired.  But we learned some labor positions, relaxation techniques, infant care, and that we never want to do another birthing class. It also reconfirmed for me that I do not want an epidural AT ALL.

It gave me some things to think about as well - a birth plan... relaxation music.... positive thoughts to write and take with me.  Anyone have any advice for me on these items? Tips? Things that helped you?

Oh, and if you have a video of your labor and delivery, please don't share it with me. ;)

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  1. It's been a long I don't honestly remember. =) I think I had instrumental music and after the first birth, I learned to expect the unexpected. You can take a birth plan and have preconceived ideas, but ultimately - having a healthy baby and Mama is the most important, so be flexible and if you have to change your mind on something, don't beat yourself up about it. No two births are alike...and finally - it does 'come to pass!' You might think you're not gonna make it through, but you will. Everything will be just fine in the end. =)

    Have a great week.