Monday, November 26, 2012

Bed Rest Fun!

So, I am currently on Day 4 (of 4 it seems.... yay!) of bed rest. I am bored!  So I thought I'd right about why I'm on bed rest.

I've had high blood pressure at 3 different doctor appointments at 3 different doctors over the last 4 weeks.  So on Tuesday, I noticed the swelling in my legs and feet, but especially on the left, was much, much worse than it had been. My left leg was so swollen that my calf was rock hard.  (No, my legs aren't usually that hard unfortunately.)  I also just felt like something was "off." I'd been having terrible headaches, which is something else I was supposed to watch for.

So Wednesday, I had my 3 hour glucose test at the hospital's outpatient lab.  I thought that maybe while I was there, I would have my blood pressure taken.  Well, they didn't take my blood pressure.  I decided to call the nurse at my doctor's office. I was really hoping that they might let me stop in just to have a medical assistant or nurse check my blood pressure, maybe do a quick urine sample.  I also thought there was a chance they'd tell me that I was overreacting and to stop being paranoid.

Instead, they asked me to come in and see the doctor. They said with 3 repeated high blood pressure, bad swelling, and headaches, they would rather have me come in and be on the safe side. Sure enough, when they took my blood pressure it was 165 over 94.  They had me lie down and then re-took it - it went down.  However, my doctor said that with all my symptoms, but mainly the repeated high blood pressures, he believes that I have the beginning stages of pre-eclampsia.  He wanted to send me to L&D to have some labs done as well as some monitoring. He also put me on a week's bed rest, but then changed it to just through the weekend pending the test results.

At L&D, my blood pressure was fine.  (It seems to not be a problem as long as I'm laying down.)  My blood work also showed that if it is pre-eclampsia, it hasn't evolved into anything worse - such as HELPP.  I was sent home on bed rest and to do a 24 hour urine collection.

So Black Friday shopping only happened online.  I've been home all weekend except a few brief excursions (such as dropping off my "sample" at the hospital, Thanksgiving at my mom's, etc.).

Tomorrow I will go back to work at least until Wednesday, my next doctor's appointment. 


  1. Aww I hope you get lots of rest. I had preeclampsia with my last pregnancy and it was pretty scary. Praying that your okay.

  2. Oh no :0( Praying for you and the little guy.

  3. Oh my goodness, so scary. I hope you're doing well now. Will be thinking about you.