Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Link-up - Confessions!

Linking up with Mrs. Bear for Wednesday Confessions!

I confess..... that I seem to be prematurely nesting. I want everything done for the baby RIGHT NOW.  I was telling my husband I want the dresser put together so I can wash the baby clothes we have so far. He's like "Isn't it a little early for that?" Yes, yes, it is.  The rational part of my brain knows that.

I confess.... that being sick (again!) has made me extremely non-motivated to do..... well, anything.  Unless you consider watching tv and playing with my Nook doing things.

I confess.... that I'd rather go into work sick than call in, even if I should call in. I initially called in today.  My boss didn't really approve, so I ended up dragging myself in after the doctor. It only lasted an hour. But when I wasn't there, I was so stressed.  Probably the reason I've only called in twice in over 3 years of working there - and today's call-in was largely unsuccessful!

I confess.... that I'm super excited to finally get my new phone this weekend!  After never having a smart phone and having the cheapest pick-up and go phone known to man for the last 7 weeks, it's exciting.  As is the fact that I'll have an iPhone for a cheaper bill than I'm currently paying for just talking and texting.

Anybody have anything they want to admit? Link-up!

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