Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Linking up for Confessions Wednesday again!

I confess that I hate Halloween and everything about it. I'm so glad it's finally here though, just so it's over.  And that means tomorrow I can start listening to Christmas music without shame.

I confess that this has been the kind of day that would be a bad day even if it weren't Halloween, thus reinforcing my hatred for Halloween.

I confess that when I weighed Monday morning, I realized I had lost 5 pounds from being sick.  This usually would excite me, but does not excite pregnant me.  But I've been a bottomless pit the last 2 days, so now I think I may have gained all 5 pounds back.

I confess that after bad dreams about a work situation last night, I was tempted to fake sick so I wouldn't have to deal with said situation. But it is dealt with and done now. So I'm glad I didn't.

I confess that my feet and hands are so swollen that I fear I'm turning into the Michelin man with all this swelling.

I confess that after the last work meeting, I'm too stressed to really focus on anything so I'm blogging at work for the first time in ages.

I confess that I judge adults who work normal jobs (not kid related) and dress up for Halloween at work. Most of you? Look stupid.


  1. I, too, am happy that I can start listening to Christmas music without shame!

  2. We're so glad that Halloween is soon over too. The only thing we like about it at all is the 50% off candy you can find at Walmart on Nov. 1st. =) The rest is for the birds. =)

    Hope the rest of your week is better.