Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The (Good!!!) News

I just had my ultrasound and meeting with the specialist. As promised, I am updating you all. :)

Baby is fine.  Apparently, the marker on the screening that came back abnormal was for Down Syndrome.  But in the ultrasound, there were absolutely no markers for Downs or any other abnormality.  The only way to rule it out 100% is through an amniocentesis, but given the results today, we aren't doing that.  It's invasive and can harm the baby.

You see, the normal odds for my age is 1 in 265.  The blood test just showed odds of 1 in 115.  Now, with our ultrasound, the odds are practically back to 1 in 265.

Thank you so much to all who prayed and/or sent encouragement!!!

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  1. Oh, PTL! So glad to know that you can have this assurance and peace of mind. I am wondering if they looked to see gender this early!??!?! =) Have a great week's end!

  2. Im so happy! Now for a non eventful pregnancy for the remainder of the pregnancy. ( I always say non eventful is great when it comes to pregnancy) : )