Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Social - Blogging!

Today's Sunday Social is about blogging.

1. What is the name of your blog and how did you come up with it?? 
The name of my blog is (currently) Deanna's Musings.  I'm not a huge fan of it which is why I'm considering changing. I came up with it because I liked the blog address "mymusings" but that was it.  Now I don't really like that either. I'm bad at naming things.

2. What do you love the most about blogging?? 
My blogging friends.  I love interacting with people on my blog. I also love reading my real-life friends and family members' blogs.

3. What are your 2 favorite posts you've written?

4. What is something you'd want to tell someone just starting out in blog world? 

Just do it. Write because you like it. Not because you want readers. Don't be envious of bloggers with a large following - just enjoy writing and reading.  You don't need to have lots of followers to enjoy blogging.

Oh, and the way to get followers is not to comment on a bunch of blogs when it's obvious that you haven't read the blog at all. :)

5. Biggest blogging learning experience you've had? 

Blog for yourself, but remember that other people WILL see it. Some thoughts are best left in draft form.

6. Give us 3 blogs we NEED to be following that you love. 

Randomness with Rachel Rachel is not only hilarious but she is also my blogging twin. :)  So if you stop by her blog, tell her her twin sent you. 

I Might Be the Problem Mel is another hilarious blogger that you need to read!

The Other Side of Me Not only is she talented, sweet, and kind, but she's also my awesome cousin. Follow her. :)


  1. I really hate when people comment & it's so obvious they didn't read the whole thing! That's a guaranteed way to make me skip your blog!

    Great advice! I learned the hard way that my blog is PUBLIC!

    Happy Sunday =D

  2. Some thoughts are DEFINITELY best left in draft form aha. Well said! I totally need to remember this at times aha. I have no filter.

  3. Blogging is definitely an outlet for me. =) I have to admit, sometimes (because I have a stalker), I've written things knowing they would be read. I won't go into the LONG story, but it was and still is an annoyance for me, but I'm trying to not let it affect me.

    I do try to always just write what I want and not be concerned about the rest. Blogging is not a business for me, it's a hobby and I want to enjoy it and I do enjoy reading other people's blogs too. Thanks for the shout out. I love reading your blog too...I feel connected when family actually blog. Thanks for letting me follow along on your journey too!

  4. #4 - I couldn't have said it better myself. Somedays it makes me sad that I don't have a million followers, but then I remember why I am blogging and that I should be thankful for the great followers that I do have who are so encouraging :) AND the 2nd part to your answer for #4 - it is one of my top 5 pet peeves when when someone leaves a "following you so follow me back"'s on the pet peeve list right under "people who dont use their blinkers". Off to read your favorite posts you have ever written!