Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sigh - Hospital Again

You know, I'm really getting sick of the hospital.

Don't get me wrong. It's a nice place. The staff is friendly. They all seem efficient. It's clean, organized, etc. It's not a bad place.  In fact, I've signed up to go there a few extra times - birthplace tours, nursing classes, etc.  So it's not the hospital itself I hate.

It's the fear. It's being sent their by your doctor because they think something is wrong with you, your baby, or both.

This was my experience once again.

Starting on Saturday, I started having a lot of pain in my abdomen.  I rested as much as possible, tried keeping my feet up, etc.  But nothing really seemed to help.  Sunday, the pain got worse, but I also had a day where I had to do a charity walk for work so I thought maybe I overdid. So, back to resting as much as possible. Monday, stayed about the same as Sunday. It wasn't even as much pain as pressure in my whole stomach with the occasional stabbing pain.

Monday night, it got even worse. I got 2 hours of sleep all of Monday night.  I couldn't get comfortable. I was in a lot of pain.  In addition to my stomach, I was having crazy back pain. Around 3 a.m., I decided to sleep on the couch. I thought a different position might help. For once, it didn't.

Work yesterday was miserable (what I was there for). I could barely get anything done.  I couldn't move at times without wanting to cry. Even sitting still, I was in pain. My breaking point though came when I started bleeding as well.  (With my placenta issues, this could be an indicator of something majorly going wrong.)

I called my doctor's office, and as I was worried they might, they sent me to the hospital.  The plus side is, at this point, I'm far enough along to go straight to Labor and Delivery, and not sit in the ER for hours waiting for an ER general doctor to confer with my doctor, etc. The OB on call would see me. (The one who was at the hospital today for general patients was actually from my doctor's office as well, so that made me feel better too.)

They got me into the room, changed, etc.  Then they hooked me up to contraction monitors, etc. The nurse took 7 tries to find the heartbeat..... which almost left me in panic. Then she found that sweet sound.

After tests and exams and monitoring, it turns out that my tiny pre-pregnancy fibroids that have been steadily growing from the lovely pregnancy hormones are most likely outgrowing their blood supply.  This causes a lot of pain, but the baby is fine.  It's also much better for it to be that than a placenta problem.  What can they do about it? Nothing really. Watch them. They might start shrinking without the blood supply (um, one of them is currently as big as the baby!).  They might go away altogether.  They said this pain might not leave until I have the baby (what a comforting thought) or it might go away sooner if they do resolve themselves.  In the meantime, rest when I can, don't lift anything, and take Tylenol.

They also think there might be a minor infection, but there was no reason to keep me in the hospital for two days while they try to find out. (The initial test came back with mixed results, so they are sending it out for another test.)

I have to say, it's much easier to deal with the pain itself now that I know the baby is fine. But at the same time, any prayers would be much appreciated. :)


  1. Well, you can term this experience as exciting, if anything. Sorry about all your troubles. I'll be praying that you'll have relief from all the pain.

    We too are thankful that baby is well...and having been pregnant, there's nothing better than peace of mind. (((HUGS)))

  2. Glad to hear you are home and baby is fine! Take care!

  3. Oh my! You will totally be in my prayers! Glad to know the baby is ok, but sorry to hear you are in so much pain :(

  4. Sooo scary, but at least you got it checked out and know why you were in such pain, try to rest!

  5. Visting from Veronica's blog. I am sorry about all of the pain you've been experiencing, but so thankful you and the baby are okay! Saying a prayer for you!

  6. So relieved that everything was ok. I remember having a spotting scare with Emily. Thankful that the baby is ok and that you will be too!