Saturday, September 8, 2012

Old Wives' Tales

So..... there are about 100 Old Wives' Tales related to pregnancy (okay, maybe not 100, but a lot!).  Specifically, how it relates to the baby's gender.  I read a lot of these to try to guess the gender of the baby. So, prior to revealing our baby's gender, I thought I would list some of the ones I found. (I don't really have much faith in these, but it's fun to play along.)

Bad morning sickness: This is supposed to be a sign of a girl.  Well, given the hospital trip, constant nausea for 13 weeks, and the prescription I needed to function some days, I'll say this one points to girl.

Skin: If you have a beautiful glow, it's a sign for a boy. Crazy breakouts is a sign for girls.  I have to say, I have the worst acne of my life.  So this on would be a sign for a girl.

Weight Gain: If you're gaining weight all over, girl.  Just your stomach, boy.  Hmmm.... this one is mostly just stomach, so I'll say boy.

Sweet or Sour Food Cravings: Sweet cravings indicate girl; sour indicates boy.  I definitely crave sweets way more than sour foods. Another one for girl.

Baby's Heartbeat:  Heartbeat of 140 or above is for girl. Heartbeat below 140 is for boy. My heartbeats when measured have ranged from 156 - 179.  So this one for girl.

Face - getting rounder?:  If yes, it points to girl.  My face is definitely rounder, so girl.

Chinese Gender Chart: This is based on the mother's age at conception and the month of conception.  According to the chart, it's a girl.  Supposedly, this one is 90% accurate.

Moodiness: Apparently, the extra female hormones make you moody if you are having a girl. I'm sad to say, I have been moodier.  Girl.

What Side Do You Sleep On: Laying on your left side, boy. Laying on your right side, girl. I tend to prefer sleeping on my right side. Girl.

Mother's Intuition: Mother's are supposed to have a special intuition about this. My initial thoughts have been boy, boy, boy. So... boy.

Cold Feet: Your feet are colder if you're having a boy.  If they're the same as usual, girl.  My feet have been fine. So girl.

Headaches: Headaches are supposed to indicate boy.  I've had lots (almost daily!) headaches. Boy!

According to these, I have a 9 out of 12 (or 75%) chance of having a girl! We'll see if it's right. :)

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  1. Well, the food craving one was totally wrong for me. With my girl I wanted Pizza all the time! With my boy, I wanted Snickers. Go figure...I don't really even like snickers! I didn't really have morning sickness and headaches were pretty much normal...and could have been related to other things, like fatigue, stress, less caffiene, etc.

    I don't remember if the heartbeats were accurate or not. I did have to laugh at your moodiness...LOL...come on, give us a break! I'd like to see how men would cope with being pregnant for 9 months! =)

    Anyway, I said girl in the vote...I don't have any 'intuition', I just want someone to have a girl! You're pretty much the last person I know having a baby right now, so if it's not a girl, then everyone I know having babies is having boys! Then I'll have to say, "What's up with that?!?!?!" =)

    I also have to say, there must be something in the prenatal vitamins these days...all the babies I've seen recently have tons of do you take prenatal's...and if so and your baby has tons of hair...I may be onto something! =)