Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pictures in the Park - Part 3

Since last time I posted wedding pictures I focused on the guys, I think it's only fair the we focus on the ladies this time!  

Candid as we walk to our next picture site. We all look so ladylike with our dresses hiked up.

Shoes and flowers.  Two pretty things
Ashley and I have a lot of memories in this park, so we wanted to take a special picture together!

From left: Linda, Lisa, Sarah, Ashley, Me, Ashley, Delia, and Dy
We were all having fun, but it was also still extremely hot!  We really, really should have brought bottled water with us.

Another shot of us ladies!

Showing a little leg... ;)
This one makes me laugh.  All the adoring stares...
Another favorite. I have no idea what they were looking at, but Dy and Ashley don't approve.  Linda is amused. And Ashley is too busy posing to care. :)
Just me.
And even the "ladies" post needs a picture of my handsome husband!

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