Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hi, I'm Deanna!

Mrs. Monologues

About me:

1) I blog because I love interacting with other bloggers, love having a record of my memories, and I've always loved to write.  My blog is at times more of my virtual scrapbook than anything else.

2) My blog is more neglected the busier I am at work. For multiple reasons - sometimes if it's slow, I'll blog a little from work; also, if I've been on the computer for let's say 35 hours in the first 3 work days (hello, this week), I don't always feel motivated to be on the computer once I get home.

3) Many of my posts are about either my wedding or my pregnancy. My goal is to finish the wedding ones up before our first anniversary (next month!) so that should end soon.

4) I've been watching tons of Olympics coverage.  I like the DVR though. I start about an hour into it and can skip a lot of commercials and boring (to me) events.

5) I think my kitties are absolutely adorable.
Cute, yes. Affectionate? Often. Mischievous? Usually
Well, I have to get up in approximately 5.5 hours, so..... catch you all later! :)

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