Thursday, August 2, 2012


Linking up with Jenn at Perfectly Imperfect.

current book(s):
I am currently reading 2. Sisterhood Everlasting (a new one in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series) and Simple Devotion by Micah Wood and Samuel Bentley.  I also have a never ending to read list. 

current playlist:
A friend of mine's newest CD was released this week! So I've been listening to that. It's called "Rise from Zion."  It's really, really good. I reluctantly took it out of my car today so my husband can listen to it. 

current color(s):
I currently have no polish on my fingers and chipping pink on my toes. I need to do a little pampering. :) Maybe tomorrow.

current food/drink:
Water. I'm obsessed with ice water specifically.  Yesterday, I also had a terrible craving all day for a tuna sandwich. I got home where I actually had tuna.  By then, I decided I didn't need it. Oops.

current favorite show(s):
I am staying up way too late each night watching the Olympics. Which, by the way, would be so much better if people stopped spoiling the results on twitter and facebook.

current needs:
My needs are met. :)  Well, at the moment, I probably need to go to bed.

current banes of my existence: 
Office drama.  Seriously. Oh, and people who post things on facebook like "Yay! So happy the U.S. women won the gold medal tonight!!!!!"

current #1 blessing:
My healthy baby growing inside of me. :)

current indulgence:
I had ice cream tonight. SO good.

current outfit:
It's 10:40 at night..... pajamas!

current excitement:
Team USA! Oh, and it's almost the weekend. :)

current mood:
A little goofy.  I think it's the result of being tired and my very stressful, dramatic day. (Again, ridiculous office drama is not my thing. And by very definition, any office drama that involves popsicles is ridiculous drama.)

current favorite quote or verse:
words to never forget

current wishlist item:

A cruise vacation.  We were reminiscing about our honeymoon earlier this week and I decided I want to go back.

current favorite product(s):
My bed. ;)

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